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Author: DonMan Subject: Virgin woman gives-up her Christian innocence

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Registered: 05-02-2014

posted on 05-08-2015 at 10:33 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Virgin woman gives-up her Christian innocence

This innocent Christian girl didn't intend to lose her innocence that night on the couch back @ his place, but foolishly trusted him when he invited her back to his bed.

She resisted, telling him she was a "good Christian girl" who didn't fuck before marriage.

She told him this as the two lay next to each other with some of her clothes off and as she let him caress & kiss her.

In between smooches, she protested that she was a "virgin" who didn't fuck before marriage.
She planned to remain a "good girl" & not give her pussy "to just anyone..."

As they kissed, he ran his hands to her beautiful breasts and would squeeze them.

She didn't try to block him.

"I ... think ... it's ... not ... right ... to ... sleep ... together ... before marriage..." she declared, as he groped her breasts.

While he worked on her boobies, she ran her hand down to his pants & felt his cock getting hard, from outside his pants.

"Oh, it will be okay," he assured her.

"You can remain a good Christian girl...." he told her as they continued to make out.

She fondled his penis & it jerked a little to her curious touch.

He told her it would be okay & he would keep his impressive penis out of her "innocent" virgin pussy, which he kissed, sucked & caressed, so he knew she was horny for him.

As she declared to him her "innocence" & plans to remain "pure," she ran her fingers through his hair & then down to his erect penis, which she fondled even more.

She didn't stop him when he again moved his hand down to her vagina area.
He caressed her pussy from outside her pants.

When she lay next to him wearing only her bra & panties, as he kissed her, he put his arms around her back & unbuttoned that bra.
Her boobs almost popped-out into his face.

He kissed & sucked on them....

She closed her eyes & took-in the pleasurable feeling his sucking gave her.

"... I... I'm a virgin..." she told him.

"I know, hun. Trust me. It will be all right...."

"I've been with virgin women before..."

"Oh, that's good," she responded.

As he sucked on her beauties, he moved his fingers into her pants, feeling her pussy outside of her panties, which were becoming very wet.

"mmmmmm..." she purred, as he caressed her womahood.

Without asking her, he moved his fingers into her panties & ran his fingers against her very wet pussy lips.

She moans more.

Not telling her this time either, he slowly moved his fingers deep into her pussy.

The fingering felt wonderful & was so unlike anything she'd ever felt before.

His fingers gave her all these new sensations as he probed her innocent pussy, which no man had ever "explored."

"Let's make it more comfortable," she told him as she began to remove those panties.
He helped her remove them & just as fast dropped his pants, revealing his penis bulging out of his underwear.

She didn't object either as he began to drop his underwear, showing more of his nakedness.

Here she was, the innocent virgin woman with a penis pointed at her.

She took it in one of her hands & began to stroke it.

A little precum oozed out of his forehead.

"Kiss it," he asked her.

She dutifully moved her mouth to it & gave it a smooch.

He didn't have to tell her to lick it & the Christian woman pleasured him with her mouth, moving it in & out of her.

Totally naked, she laid back on the bed, displaying her pussy in all its beauty to him.

He moved toward the end of the bed & situated his face between her legs, which were somewhat closed.
He opened them more as he moved his mouth to her vagina as her legs opened wider.

He put his lips on it & began licking her.
She closed her eyes as she lay back & enjoyed this new experience of him kissing, sucking & eating her.

It was quite a sight.
Here was the "Christian" girl, laying back, her legs spread open as she let him kiss & suck on her pussy.

He gave her orgasm after orgasm & he heard her moan or purr as he satisfied her hungry pussy.
He really remembers peering into her eyes while dining on her pussy.

In between kissing & tonguing her, he would look up toward her face & see her eyes through her sexy boobs, which he would squeeze.

She looked almost angelic as he ate & sucked her pussy & gave her orgasm after orgasm.

Though as a Christian, she knew it was wrong to have such lustful feelings, she fantasized about what it would feel like to have him inside her.

When she let him engage in all those "everything....but" sexual things with him, she unkowingly surrendered much of her innocence to his heathen cock.

The passionate feelings his tongue gave her overwhelmed her.

She shouldn't have been "surprised" that, after about 10 minutes of giving her oral, as he moved his head up to her's, moving his lips up from her wet cunt to her lips... he positioned his penis in front of her vagina, as if he was preparing to take her.

Sensing what was about to happen, she objects.

"uh... uh..." she said in a light but non-threatening or non-meaningful protest.

.....without warning her, he began to slowly slide his hungry penis into her.

"I'm a ... virgin ... " she tells him, as he positions his impressive penis in front of her pussy.

" ... I ... don't ... wanna ... "

But before she can forcefully object, he begins to slowly move his penis into her opening.

He didn't go in, but there it was at her entry.

This was a critical time for the innocent virgin.
As his penis was perilously close to entering her & robbing her of her virginity, would she object?
Or lay back & allow nature to take its course?

He didn't take her "protests" seriously as she had earlier kissed & sucked his manhood & given herself to him in nearly every way possible short of penetration.
Her "pure" virgin pussy was the prize.

Her "purity" was a farce.

She had done nearly everything with him, but let him penetrate & conquer her pussy, which he felt was very wet.

"It will be all right," he tried to reassure her. "It won't hurt too much & besides, many good Christian girls like you give themselves to the men they date.

"I won't tell anyone we did this thing & you can still pretend to act like this good Christian girl, even though you gave yourself to me...."

"Besides, many of your Christian girlfriends give themselves to the guys they date. We will keep this our little secret...."

She remained silent, somewhat afraid of what could happen.

"I'm not going to let you play the "I won't fuck" card ... again. I want you & want to make you happy. Making love is a normal part of life."

As much of what he said makes sense, so she doesn't object as much.

"Fuck me, Christian girl !!!" he thought, but didn't verbalize, as he pushed his penis even deeper into her entrance, but not breaking her hymen (yet).

He sensed she wanted him, despite her halfhearted protests.

While she "protested" his actions, she would squeeze his butt & kiss his chest.

But, before she could respond or think of a defense, he moved his penis into her.

With all the passionate feeling he had given her, she was in no way willing or capable of blocking or stopping him.

Truth be told, she didn't want him to stop, even as she protested losing her virginity in those last moments of innocence.

She saw his mighty penis poised in front of her, which scared her somewhat but in another way, prompted her to let him take things to the next level.

"Make love to me...." she told him, as his penis was in only a small way.

"But I'm a virgin. I love you but please take it easy...."

Inside, she couldn't believe she told him that, she thought to herself, but the timing seemed right.

He slowly proceeded to enter her, moving his penis into her innocent virgin pussy slower than he ever had.

Soon, his forehead touched her hymen.

With one carnal ( but loving) push, her Christian innocence departed.

"uh...uh..." she gasped, feeling a sting as his penis broker her in.

After he burst her hymen, he pulled out & inquired on her comfort.

She saw her blood on his cock, which didn't have a condom on it.

Are you okay? he asked,. He did want to fuck her more but at the same time, he was genuinely concerned about how she felt.

He did take it slow but after she got over the pain, picked up the pace & thrust in & out of her faster & more passionately.

Though he was no Christian gentleman, he did try everything he could to make her feel good & to let her enjoy it, as he knew she was a devout Christian who held negative feelings toward sex outside of marriage.

"It's fine. It wasn't as painful as I feared it would be. Make love to me..."

He needed to show her such feelings were normal and how unmarried Christians make love all the time.

Still, he wanted to show her how HE was in-charge & wanted her, as a woman, to become subservient to his passions, his desires & his impressive nonChristian penis.

Her morals were fine but he needed to show her that with him, this is what he would expect of the Christian girl: her giving her pussy to him, when he wanted.
He would even want to enforce his "no condom rule" he had with the other women he dated.

Soon, she was wrapping her arms around him, "welcoming" him in & enjoying his carnal movements as he introduced her to the world of dating & sex.

He pushed in & out & picked-up the pace of his carnal thrusts, which pleasured her in many more ways.

His entering her also showed what the men she dated, even "Christian" men, would expect of her.

They fucked all night and he gave her long, slow strokes, allowing for long, slow fucking, which really turned her on.

She got into it & encouraged him to try different positions as he "broke her in" & showed her what being a woman was all about.

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